Ance Gricmane

Artist, creator and CEO of Social Enterrprises Emotion Lab

Artist, Ance Gricmane creator and CEO of social enterprise Emotion lab (LV), where individuals and corporates are invited to renew their mental well – being through therapeutic art masterclasses.

Ance has managed to study art therapy in a medical university as her second Master Degree and for 4 years was an active PhD student in the Academy of Fine arts in Latvia, reading lectures worldwide (University of Greiswald (Germany), Tartu (Estonia) etc.) and promoting art as a self development tool internationally.

ance gricmane

As a docent at the University of Applied Sciences Latvia and American University of Cyprus (Larnaca) she is mentoring students to set their goals high and build the road to reach those. Together with students were participants of Data 4 Healthy Recovery hackathon Garage 48).

As the CEO of social enterprise Ance is open minded and future oriented. Was making masterclasses for NGOs leaders in Latvia (supported by British Council Latvia, Radisson Blu, accelerator NEWDOOR) and companies which are taking care of their employees’ mental well – being. Ance is known as a world wide artist. Her solo shows have been exhibited at Latvian holocaust and Riga Ghetto museum (Latvia), Sweden (Nykoping), Belgium (Brussels), Russia (Moscow, Kaluga, Yekaterinburg), Belarus (Minsk, Vitebsk), Italy (Sardinia).

Included in the museum collections such as Museum of Marc Chagall, BY; National Museum of Kaluga, RU. 2018 – Represented Latvia at the VI International Plenair of Marc Chagall in Vitebsk, BY.

Artist characterizes Her paintings as a combination of rhythm of music and sound of color. Inspiration comes from composer Andrejs Selickis (LV) and Arvo Part (EE).

Works are made in traditional oil painting technique, as well as in author techniques, using gold 26car. Ances works are rated and sold for 10’000 – 25’000 euros globally.

Clients who are working with Ance and her social enterprise are people who invest in their own future well-being and in sustainable well-being of humanity.

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Member of The Life Winners Association from November, 9th 2023