Reflecting on a Successful Networking Event
July 13th 2023 Nicosia

The Life Winners Business Networking Event July 2023.
Guest Speaker. Pauline P Sawaya- Business Enabler 

all attendants at the life winners business networking club on july 13th 2023

Business Networking Event In Cyprus: July 13th AGENDA:

  1. About TLW Club
  2. Shift Your Networking Paradigm – Pauline Sawaya – Business Enabler 
  3. Design With Moss – Corporate Presentation – Laura Stefania Efthymiou
  4. Members Short Pitch
  5. Personal Branding Score – Elena Andreou – Personal Branding Consultant
  6. Networking

1. About TLW Club

Elena Andreou discussed the Life Winners Club, explaining its purpose and the benefits of joining. Additionally, she elaborated on two new campaigns: the Referral Contest, outlining the qualification process for members to win, as well as the associated benefits of winning. Lastly, she mentioned the IFE events page, which provides information on members-only events.

2. Shift Your Networking Paradigm – Pauline Sawaya - Business Enabler

A Thought-Provoking Workshop by Pauline

The TLWClub had the privilege of hosting Pauline Sawaya an esteemed entrepreneur, People & business Enabler
the event focused on embracing abundance in networking and how it can unlock the true potential of entrepreneurs. Pauline’s insights, simple strategies and interactive activities left a lasting impression, highlighting the power of collaboration, expanded opportunities, and positive energy. the key takeaways from Pauline’s workshop.

Embracing Abundance: A Paradigm Shift

Pauline challenged our traditional approach to networking, urging us to shift from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance. Rather than viewing success as limited and competing against others, she emphasized the value of collaboration. By working together, entrepreneurs can achieve greater success and create a network where everyone thrives.

Collaboration Over Competition:

Pauline emphasized that collaboration is the key to unlocking the full potential of our networks. She encouraged us to seek out win-win situations and explore partnerships that benefit all parties involved. Through collaboration, we can pool resources, share knowledge, and achieve remarkable results that would have been unattainable individually.

Expanding Opportunities:

The workshop shed light on the transformative power of embracing abundance when it comes to networking. By adopting an abundance mindset, we are open to diverse networking avenues, engaging with professionals from different industries, and considering unconventional collaborations. This expanded perspective creates new opportunities, broadens our horizons, and leads to unexpected connections that can propel our entrepreneurial journey forward.

Generosity and Positive Energy:

One of the most impactful aspects of Pauline’s workshop was the emphasis on generosity and positive energy. Embracing abundance means willingly sharing our time, expertise, and resources with others. This spirit of giving not only strengthens relationships but also fosters a culture of reciprocity. When we approach networking with a positive attitude and energy, we create an uplifting environment where everyone thrives.

Pauline masterfully curated an interactive experience that allowed us to put the principles of abundance into practice. We engaged in a collaborative activity where we identified specific areas or opportunities we were seeking in our entrepreneurial journey. Through brainstorming and sharing ideas, we discovered the power of collective thinking, creative problem-solving, and supporting one another’s goals.

Attending Pauline’s workshop on embracing abundance in networking was an eye-opening experience. It challenged our preconceived notions and inspired us to adopt a new mindset that values collaboration, expanded opportunities, and positive energy. By shifting our perspective from competition to collaboration, we can create a network where success knows no bounds. we are grateful to Pauline for imparting her wisdom and equipping us with the tools to nurture meaningful connections that fuel our entrepreneurial success.

3. Design With Moss - Corporate Presentation -By Laura Stefania Efthymiou

4. Member's short pitch

5. Personal Branding Score - Elena Andreou - Personal Branding Consultant

Elena Andreou, Personal Branding Consultant gave an overview of two of the members’ Personal Branding Score analysis:

  • Consistency across platforms: such as social media, personal website, professional profiles, etc. Elena emphasized that only consistent brand image reinforces credibility and recognition.
  • Digital Assets evaluation: Elena explained how digital assets are evaluated and what elements and features have value on each platform.
  • Engagement and interaction: Elena analyzed the level of engagement Stefania and Eirini have with their audience explaining the impact of active interaction, responding to comments, and initiating discussions demonstrate a strong commitment to building relationships.
  • Quality of content: Elena explained how Valuable and informative content establishes them as an authority in their field and keeps the audience engaged.
  • Brand visibility and reach: Elena gave practical examples of strategies of staying visible and the importance of #hashtags, mentions and reviews.  

Elena closed the presentation explaining what the missing opportunities are and advising what Stefania and Eirini should focus on building and what benefits they can gain from their involvement in networking, collaborations, and partnerships, explaining how building relationships within the industry can strengthen the brand’s positioning.

6. Networking

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