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The Story Behind Design With Moss:

  • Design With Moss was founded in 2019 by Laura Efthymiou in Larnaca, Cyprus.
  • Their story began with a love for beauty, nature, and art. Not all plants in a home can grow harmoniously, so they tried to find solutions to enjoy nature.
  • They are introducing the concept of Biophilic Designs by choosing one of a kind  designs, that are special in appearance, texture, shape and colour.
  • Design with Moss has been creating meaningful and captivating art pieces that celebrate the beauty of nature and the human spir
Laura Stefania and Design with Moss

Up to today they collaborate with:

  • Saint Raphael Hotel, Limassol
  • Tree Of Life, Larnaca
  • Smalto Dental Clinique, Nicosia
  • The Life Winner Club, Larnaca
  • Insight Seminars Cyprus
  • Orthodontic Clinique, Nicosia
  • Rotary Club, Nicosia
  • Huga By the Sea, Larnaca
  • Nautical Club, Larnaca
  • Awaken Potential, Paphos
  • Cyruba, Limassol
  • Global Woman Club, London
  • Stage Live Club, Larnaca
Design with moss featured in the Global Woman Magazine

Design with Moss has been featured.....

  • January 2021 – Interview on Alpha TV Cyprus, where Laura had the opportunity to present a few of her designs
  • September 2021 – Decorator of Cyruba Red Diamond Woman Awards. The event was held at Four Season Hotel, Limassol under the auspices of auspices of Cyprus President, Mr. Anastasiades 
  • December 2021 – Decorator of Cyruba Gala Dinner. Event held at Amara Hotel Limassol under the auspices of Cyprus President , Mr. Anastasiades 
  • May 2022 – Decorator of Wedding Office at Saint Raphael Hotel and Resort Limassol
  • Sep 202 – Decorator of Go Digital Conference at Radisson Hotel, Larnaca
  • Oct 2022 – Decorator of Insight Seminar Cyprus. Event held at Annabelle Hotel  Paphos with special guest Peter Felsman
  • Nov 2022 – Decorator Millionaire Business School Event held at Aphrodite Hill Resort, with special guest Peter Sage
Design with Moss sponsor at Red Diamond

Design with Moss



  • Design Walls
  • Bathroom Walls
  • Living room wall
  • Hanging Design 
  • Logo Design 
  • Frames
  • Wall Art Clock
  • Ornament 
  • Bonsai Mini Trees
  • Kokedama Designs
Corporate logo created by Design with Moss
Bathroom decoration by Design with Moss

Their Philosophy:

  • They CAN BRING NATURE inside of your living space through Biophilic designs. 
  • They take pride in our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness.
  • They create one-of-a-kind and captivating art pieces that celebrate the beauty of nature and the human spirit. 
  • They demonstrate an innovative approach to well-being, beauty, relaxation spaces
  • They offer unique and eye-catching decor solutions that effortlessly capture the essence of corporate identity.
  • They integrate moss into various interior elements such as furniture, signage, and fixtures, infusing spaces with a unique and refreshing touch of greenery.
  • They serve a diverse range of clients, including homeowners, businesses, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial spaces in Cyprus
  • Introducing “Design with Moss” – the ultimate decorator for vibrant and nature-inspired conferences and seminars!
Clock decorated by Design with Moss
Kokedama balls by Design with Moss

What clients are saying about Design with Moss!

Peter Felsmann

“Ombre Moss Frame – My favorite one!”

Peter Sage

” These are handsome creations that are absolutely spectacular. I am all about unique! “

Catherine Galea - Mindfulness and Empowerment Coach Logo by Design with Moss

“I am very exiting about this and is represent the story behind of it! “

Tree Of Life logo by Design with Moss

“Thank you very much, Laura. Your design has brightened our entrance hall and we like it”

Design with Moss is a Member of:

  • Interior Design Online Shop
  • Great Britan Association
  • Global Woman Club 
  • Cyruba Association
  • Insight Seminar Cyprus
  • The Life Winner Club
  • BPW English Club