Reflecting of successful business networking event.

On October 26 TLW has hosted a business networking event in Limassol, where professionals from various industries had a chance to meet each other and establish connections.

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Business networking is like making friends in the professional world. It’s all about building up your crew of contacts, both individuals and businesses, so you can share info, help each other out, and make things happen together. It’s like joining forces with folks in your industry or related areas to swap ideas, find new opportunities, and grow together, both personally and in business. That was the main occasion of the event – to gather talented, ambitious and strong entrepreneurs to give them a chance to meet people with similar vision and values, in order to establish professional connections.

About TLW Club.

The event began with introduction of TLW Club to the new guests. At TLW, we’re all about supporting professionals and business owners on their journey to success. We achieve this by offering a diverse set of tools and resources that empower you to connect, inspire, and grow. Our networking events bring you face-to-face with like-minded individuals, creating invaluable connections. You’ll find educational materials  to enhance your knowledge and skills. We’ll also help boost your personal and business brand authority, ensuring you stand out in your field. Our motivational campaigns keep your spirits high and motivation strong. Plus, we’re dedicated to increasing your business through valuable referrals. Join TLW today and unlock a world of opportunities for personal and professional growth!

Business presentation – Apserou Shiaka.

TLW Club had a privilege of hosting Apserou Shiaka, the owner of a Certified Chartered Accountant and registered Auditor firm. The company’s vision is to ensure tha its clients are fully compliant with regulations that surround the business. Then the discussion was held about the precise description of the provided service and firm’s audience.

Members short pitch.

In the next part of the event, the participants were given a chance to meet each other to have a talk and create productive, long-lasting professional connections and exchange business cards.

Farah Shammas – Cross Marketing.

We were fortunate to have hosted the director of St Rafael Resort – Farah Shammas. Farah became her speech with the citation of Philip Kotler, one of the most influential figures in marketing – “Marketing is a race without a finishing line”. The topic of the speech was unlocking business opportunities through cross marketing. To be more exact, the topic included identifying perfect partners for cross marketing, its benefits, key performance indicators and several case studies.

Then, Farah told about cross-marketing strategies – co-branded campaigns, joint events or webinars, shared content and resources; its benefits – enhanced value through bundled offerings, access to a wider range of solutions and improved customer experience. Also, the challenges of cross marketing have been mentioned – the misalingment of goals and unequal contribution.

Elena Andreou - Personal Branding Score.

Next, Elena Andreou, the owner of Go Digital Globally marketing agency, gave a speech about personal branding score.

A personal branding score is crucial for professionals. It provides self-awareness, helping individuals identify strengths and areas for improvement. This score serves as a foundation for professional development, guiding them in enhancing their personal brand over time.

A strong personal brand opens doors to networking opportunities, career advancement, and increased credibility and trust. It differentiates professionals in competitive industries, making them stand out as unique and valuable contributors.

A high personal branding score positively impacts career progression, influence, and thought leadership. It also enables adaptability, allowing professionals to stay relevant and aligned with their goals in an ever-changing professional landscape.

In essence, a personal branding score is a vital metric that empowers professionals to assess their status, set objectives, and build a compelling personal brand for career growth and success.

The TLW members.