The Life Winners is committed to supporting young professionals and small business owners so they can succeed through difficult times.

workshops for life winners

To do so, it offers free workshops that build, develop and hone essential professional skills and provides knowledge to deal with the digital transformation of today’s world.

Also, through inspirational success stories it aims to motivate as well as to show / give solutions to professionals of businesses in need.

Moreover, Networking and Referral Marketing will be a top priority of each event, meeting or workshop.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Are you wondering how to promote your business online in the most effective way? This workshop will give you a clear understanding of the building blocks that constitute your business digital marketing presence. This is your opportunity! Increase your clients, increase revenue and grow your whole business.

Networking & Organizing Events

Expand your network, learn the importance of networking and discover how successful individuals have started their career. It has been proven that the most successful people are usually the best connected people. Never underestimate the power of networking!

Social Media Marketing

Understanding everything about Social Media Marketing is key to growing your business. During the workshop, you will learn the principles and strategies that work for your business and how to build engagement to successfully increase your leads and brand awareness.

Referral Marketing

Are you tired of wasting your money on paid advertising that drains your budget? Do you want to learn the basics of Referral Marketing and how you can reach your client? You will be amazed at how you can get more clients.

Content Writing

The best person to write content for your website pages or blogs is you, as you are the one most capable of telling the right stories. But, of course, at first this seems quite overwhelming. Our workshop will guide you on how to write content with high SEO and Readability scores.

Visual editing

Are you struggling to edit your photos and your videos on your own? Join us on our workshop to UPSKILL YOURSELF by becoming familiar with all the basic knowledge needed for the creation of engaging video content and photos.

How will these workshops help your company to succeed through difficult times?

  • Improve your leadership skills by becoming familiar with the fundamental changes in the business world that have been brought about by the digital transformation.
  • Develop an efficient strategy by identifying which important elements you should consider adopting and which you should avoid.
  • Expand your networking and meet potential clients.

If you want to get more, you must become more. Start by investing in yourself.....

What's in it for me?

A Workshop that will Deliver A Measurable Impact on Your Business

Motivation is the key

Success does not happen by accident! You need perseverance, hard work and the right knowledge. Our workshops are committed to motivating you so that you never give up. That's why as well as networking, our organization promotes sharing experiences.

We provide feedback

We do not stop at providing workshops. And we don't just give a simple one-plan-fits-all solution. We go through the strategy with each participant and tailor it to the needs of each business. This way all participants can learn how to apply the strategy to their business successfully.

Our team are experts

Our team is comprised of digital experts with many years’ experience in marketing and in digital promotion. We are constantly educating ourselves to make sure we are always up to date. What's more, we only work and collaborate with experts in the field.

Our workshops are free

We are not selling services, but we are here to provide help. We are aware that you cannot devote much time or many resources to learn these techniques and to stay up to date with all the latest trends. That's why we are here to help you!