Empowerment ??.. Distinguishing Myth from Reality

Empowerment and business….
When “theory” talks… “practice” laughs. a common phrase that has been said by many practitioners.
But yet most academic experts argue that practitioners could definitely use their potential more by applying more theory-driven techniques to empower their business.
Hence, the real question here is whether old theories still apply to the new digital reality.
empowerment myth vs reality

Myth vs Reality – Theoretical Knowledge Vs Practical Application

The academic world is where myth exists, and the professional environment is where one can understand reality or vice versa?
In fact, by its definition, myths emphasize the misconception and something invisible.
But yet the distinction between reality and myth highlight that both approaches establish more or less subtle connection between familiar, real-life experiences and visible stories. So….

Can theory-driven approach be an empowerment in our business now a days?

As the world changes and every business field become much more competitive, we always need to be adaptable, life-long learners and have a clear understanding the difference between theory and practice, and how we can benefit from both.
Theory and practise complement each other. These two are connected through a process of abstraction and application. Hence, the best way to connect this two is to try to work out what the theory assumes that provides values to a professional case and advocating the importance of learning theory and applying it in practice.

The importance of theory and having academic knowledge

Professionals need to be always updated with the latest academic papers and theory to the greatest degree possible and always try to apply them in their everyday work life.
Over the years, theories and academic papers are evolving; and most of the times they are driven from societal and professional relevance. Hence, the findings or the assumptions may talk back to this relevance with an answer of some kind. Or they may talk back to a professional approach by suggesting alternative more effective approach.

Your attitude determines your direction!

Academic attitude is a must for finding the best solution to professional cases. This is reflected in a curious and analytical mind. The will and willingness to being in continuous learning.
A critical and a-dogmatic attitude in which theoretical assumptions are always questioned and evolve by actively seeking structure and coherence.
empowerment in business the 4 pieces of the puzzle
Try analyzing the context of every professional case, to better situate the existing approaches and your own approach amidst other approaches and developments for high measurable impacts. 
Being able to deal with the relative uncertainty of insights. To have a realistic reflection of one’s own possibilities and limitations and last but not least, to show professionalism
internship program at go Digital Globally

How young professionals can achieve the transition between theory and practice?

To achieve this transition between theory and practice, there is no better solution than internships or work experience.
Work experience and internship are valuable to every business owner and young professional. It teaches us how the theory might or might not work in a professional environment. Added to this, in the professional world, practitioners seek other inputs and different kinds of solutions as practitioners are not able to apply fully each theory.
Factors such as limited budget, time management, client’s wishes are few of the things that restrict practitioners’ choices. Also, through an internship, one can expand his abilities.
He/she will be able to find more solid and realistic solutions, received training in professional thinking and learn practical tools.  Additionally, other potential benefits that an internship could bring up, ranging from developing networks, self-confidence and skills on the job. Hence, I encourage young professional to always consider the chance of doing an internship next to their studies.

There is a distinction, but not an opposition, between “myth” and “reality”, theory and practice.

The bottom line, I believe that the individuals who live in a reality can look at theory as they are and effectively practically deal with them. Understanding theories and have the willingness to apply them in practice is essential.
Theory is dependent on practice, whereas practice should have preceded theory. In this thinking, I am wondering whether it makes sense to try to distinguish “myth” from “reality, theory from practice. Rather, we should focus on how we could use both for empowering our business.

About the author

Marios Georgiou

Content marketing producer & PPC specialist

Having a passion in communication and creating content for marketing purposes, Marios joined the University of Amsterdam in 2017 studying Communication Science.

Being a student, he joined the honors program and specialized on Algorithmic persuasion in the Digital society with a minor on Data science & Artificial Intelligence. His interests lied on how algorithms and AI (Artificial Intelligence) have fundamentally changed communication delivery modes in our data-driven society, allowed for tailor-made opportunities and solutions, including online behavior advertising, microtargeting and recommender systems.

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