Accredited ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) & RSCI Master Coach

GINTARE SIDO is an Accredited by ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), as well, a Master Life Coach, Master NLP Coach & Hypnotist – Certified at Robert Simic Coaching Institute in Dubai & CPD Certified and Accredited Professional Trainer. She is also ICF Cyprus Chapter Director of Membership.

Her program “Quantum Breakthrough Experience” – offers Advanced, Powerful, Quick and Lasting Transformation based on Quantum Linguistics. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs to boost their personal and professional life to the next level!

She invites you to discover an advanced approach to Personal Breakthrough which will touch your life to its very core, so you will experience immediate inner transformation and meaningful lifetime changes…

She will guide and support you to get the most profound results in the shortest time by helping you to:

Gintare sido
  • in a matter of minutes release all unresolved negative emotional blocks within their roots and eliminate limiting decisions at the subconscious level – to enable you to cultivate your emotional balance;
  • break free from internal conflicts – to find clarity, congruence on your decisions and fulfillment;
  • overcome anxiety and re-set mindset from the barriers in a matter of seconds – to create higher lifetime value;
  • elicit the highest values and remodel its hierarchy – to embrace your authentic self, strength, and unique qualities;
  • set Smart goals and design your new life vision – so you can start living your life to its fullest potential!
  • create your Mind Movie – so you can watch your future-self life daily and manifest it much faster!

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Member of The Life Winners Association from October, 22 2023