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The Biggest Lie Women Believe and the

WOMEN OF TRUTH - Helen Argyrou

Helen Argyrou – Yin Alithea – Women of Truth

With the rise of cancer at a rapid rate especially in women over 40 in Cyprus the need for more information and nurturing health based guidance is clear. A research project involving over 100 women explored the topics of personal and professional life  of women, especially to their sense of power and ways to overcome challenges revealed some interesting insights. Health is a series of choices throughout our lives and has a lot to do with how honest we are being with ourselves. In this book Health Thought Leaders present unique body mind integration, they connect spirit with science to revolutionise the way we think about our health as an extension of personal power, helping to change the  future of women s’ health worldwide. Meet them in person, listen to theim guide you away from the biggest lies women believe to connect with the deeper truth, that sets us all free. See more HERE

Cyprus Meet ups : From Networking to Upworking - Helen Argyrou

Our new Networking to Upworking meetups to create new ideas, move UP ward in life, joint ventures, women ‘s wisdom, support and fun moments with local and international women in Cyprus. Learn to expand your awareness and visibility globally with a Guest speaker on consciousness and leadership! Tickets on Eventbrite

Helen Argyrou

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