I have something different to share with the world....

It’s essential nowadays to be able to find people that can inspire and give out their messages so to help us through with everyday life.

As one of these motivational people, Elena Georgiou is sharing with us her story and how she managed to change the course of her life and follow her dreams, in spite of already having a family and a job. 

I have chosen to change the course of my life and become a Life Skills Coach because I had and still have as my life goal and mission to help those around me to live a more fulfilling life and discover their true authentic self. 
I love people very much and I really can relate to their problems and help them to help themselves. I have managed to overcome many challenges in life, and I am a life winner. Besides my academic studies and career, I have faced a lot of painful lessons in my life and I can now share through my knowledge and experiences all that I have learned and how I managed to overcome them using specific tools and techniques according to the situations someone is facing at that moment. 
At a young age, I had all my friends lining up to tell me their problems and they were asking me to help them find solutions. They used to tell me that they loved to come and tell me all their problems because I was the only one that understood them and knew how to help them. As I grew up, I felt that this is my calling: to help people. So, that’s what I did.
Elena Georgiou seminar on motivational people
A lot of young people wonder what kind of education is needed for someone to become a Life Skills Coach and in general what is needed to be able to help people.
I have a College Diploma in Life Skills Coaching, a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, and a Master’s degree in European Studies. Also, I am a Certified Life Skills Coach by NCFE U.K. and Certified Vocational Trainer by HRDA CY. I have ten years of experience in my field as a Life Skills Coach and Author of self-help books. Besides my creative projects as a Life skills Coach and Author,  I have also 20-year employment at the University of Cyprus and twelve years of academic studies. I have, as you might say, a strong foundation and background.
 Also, as a Sociologist, I have conducted two pieces of research during my academic work, and my research interests and expertise includes preventing and combating all forms of violence such as abuse, bullying, and harassment. I am a member of the Cyprus Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family, a member of the Red Cross, and a member of the Cyprus Sociological Association.

Each of us is born with a special gift to share with the world and you have I am sure your own unique special gift.

I have something different to share with the world – we all do. I hope my efforts will become seeds for positive change in this global society and that we will all be able to live together with love, faith, gratitude, and abundance. My vision is to grow and expand my business, not only locally but internationally, so I am able to bring joy to as many people as possible around the world. That’s also my intention through the work I am doing. Besides, I do love traveling and that will give me a chance to travel around the world and teach. My mission and purpose are to be able to coach as many people as I can and help them to release from their subconscious mind, once and for all, all the blocks that are in their way, preventing them from living a fulfilling life.
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I specialize in self-awareness, unblocking of unhealthy thoughts, and ways of balancing work and life. I empower my clients and teach them skills, either personal, spiritual, business, crisis, parenting, social, relationship and self-love, that can help them understand their self-worth, self-care, or how unique they are. I also teach strategies to manage different difficult situations, gain self-awareness and awareness of others, learn different behaviours to be able to understand other people and themselves so they can cope with daily interactions with others, improve their well-being, teach them the meaning of change and how essential it is in their lives as well as the positive results of the change in their lives.
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Besides your coaching, you have also a creative side and you managed to express it through writing and have already published two self-help books at the moment. Your new book is “Live Life to its fullest. Never look back”.  Share with us what this book is all about.

Well, my book "Live life to its fullest" is a step-by-step guide towards the life of your dreams. This book will inspire you to follow the whispers of your soul. You will be able to learn how to take control of your own life, throw away the “Should do” that others planted in your mind, escape from your imprisonment that you are trapped in. Most of us have in our subconscious mind several blocks of rules, norms, or habits carried over from generation to generation. We grow up with lots of “Should do” in our mind and we begin to feel trapped. This book will guide you from where you are to where you want to be and show you how to do it.

Within these pages, you will be able to open up your own Johari window and understand yourself and others and begin to have healthy interactions and relationships with everyone around you. You will learn how to balance your life and do what you love.

Finally, you will discover new techniques to turn negative thinking into positive, and change the course of your life, create a new life with a new perspective, thinking, shifting from the place of victimhood and negativity to the place of safety, love and the winner’s side where nobody is in control of your life but  you. Only you can control yourself and your own life. You can find my book on Amazon: Live Life to Its Fullest

With the stressful life we all live, a lot of people need a safe place to go to release and overcome their challenges. And you provide this kind of treatment. You managed to have a happy joyful place for people to join in. Tell us about the services you provide to your clients.
Well, I have at the moment five main services that I am providing.
    1.1. The first one is called “Born to be Happy” and it’s a Group Coaching meeting of adult attendance. It’s a  meeting of like-minded people who are all striving toward a common goal for their growth and development. My role in my group is to offer insights into problems or challenges they face and to help them to zero in on negative patterns that could be standing in the way of their success.
  1.2 The second one is called “Live Joyful Life” and it’s either a one-to-one or online session of people that need my self-improvement services. My services are designed to help my clients out of a state of desperation and into a state of inspiration. I encourage them take appropriate actions that support the greater good and help them reach their full potential in any field or endeavour. It’s also a great way to work on their personal development. It helps them create a clear perspective on their life and to get to know their self more. From a place of knowing who they are and what drives them, they can make more conscious choices.
1.3 The third one is called “Happiness and Joyful Living”. It’s a workshop. Joy and happiness are wonderful feelings to experience but are very different. Joy is more consistent and is cultivated internally. It comes when you make peace with who you are, why you are, and how you are, whereas happiness tends to be externally triggered and is based on other people, things, places, thoughts, and events. This WORKSHOP shows you how to finally find joy and to be able to live in happiness.
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 1.4 The fourth one is called “Abundance Course” it’s a free online course that I am giving away at the moment. This course was created to support people in cultivating the habit of focusing their thoughts on abundance, instead of all this negativity and deprivation that surrounds us, especially at this time! Anyone can join in and it’s free. It helps release any negativity and can free from the subconscious mind anything that blocks their way to abundance.
1.5 The fifth one is my self-help books. I am the author of the following books:
  1.  “Life Goals. How to create your dream life” – In Greek.
  2. “Live Life to its Fullest. Never Look Back.” –  In English.
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