Through inspiring people and success stories, the Life Winners aims to motivate young professionals and small business owners to succeed through difficult times as well as to showcase solutions by revealing how others have found success. To do so, our team interviews people that can inspire others either through their various achievements or through their attitude and values during their professional career.


Business People

We look for founders, owners, or major shareholders of an enterprise, that have successfully overcome business challenges. We continuously search for business people who have earned a reputation for their company and managed to survive during difficult situations without compromising business ethics.

Young Professionals

We select young professionals who are exceptionally talented, and continuously seeking personal development. In other words, we are looking for big career dreamers, those who would make aspirational role models for the new generation. Eventually, we bring in perspectives and life stories that teach us something new and motivate us to keep going.

Are you a young professional with amazing skills or the owner of a successful business who found ingenious solutions at challenging moments?

Adaptability & innovators

To succeed and advance in today’s dynamic workplace, one should be adaptable and innovative. In other words, one must be able to use available materials in order to create something new. Innovation and creativity are the ability to see what everybody has seen but to think of what nobody has thought of before.

communitcation skills building

High communication skills

Communication skills don't just mean being able to speak and write. Communication is the key to understanding and enhancing the strategic acts of an organisation, both internally and externally. Therefore, we consider these skills essential for someone for someone to be considered an inspiring individual.

High emotional intelligence

People with a high degree of emotional intelligence know what they're feeling, what their emotions mean, and how these emotions can affect other people. To succeed nowadays, an individual must have high self-awareness to be able to constantly challenge his/her emotions.

High personal reputation

With so much exposure on social media professionals must be mindful of their personal reputation, as well as that od their business. High personal reputation is evaluated by how an individual cultivates personal integrity, absolute transparency and complete accountability. Last but not least, it's to be able to put his/her reputation to use.

How can inspiring people and Life Winners help any young professional or business owner to succeed through difficult times?

  • Success stories can serve as a blueprint. By publishing other people’s stories of success we aim to motivate young people and business people to acquire leadership skills and never give up.
  • Case studies with solved problems could be used to help business owners develop their business strategy by identifying important elements that they should consider and ill-advised tactics that should be avoided.
  • Moreover, The Life Winners aims to create an opportunity to expand your networking, promote your business and meet young professionals that could be potential employees, associates or just referral points.