INSPIRING PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE: You have no time to waste on a job you don’t love!

I know that this title could easily be seen as a throwaway quote designed for inspiring people to follow their dream job. However, there are countless benefits to find a job that you like, not the least of which is not have nightmares on Sundays, the Monday morning sadness, the Thursday exhaustions or … well, you get my point. Instead, you will wake up every morning excited about what tasks will be assigned to you. Finding a job that you like, it’s another part of your life puzzle so you can add one more piece to the success of your young professional career.

INSPIRING PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE: Reasons on a personal and professional level why one should do a job that he/she loves!

On a personal level, why is important to love what you do?

Inspiring Professional People: Having a sense of accomplishment

Doing a job that you love, you most likely feel that you are doing something worthy. We are not trying only to inspire professional people but it was found that a sense of accomplishment is the strongest driver for enjoyment and joy. To paraphrase Crawford here, people need to feel like they are doing out great work. Feeling that you do great work, you will feel better about who you are and what you are. The feeling of accomplishment is so rooted in our ego. Our self-esteem soars when we have been able to accomplish something.
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Personally, when I am doing my job and I manage to have high measurable impacts to a business owner, that give me a sense of accomplishment because of the feeling that I have the skills to do so. Hence, doing a job that you like is fundamental to feel proud about who you are and what you are doing.
inspiring professional people will keep you update with latest trends

Always updated with the latest trends

Doing a job that you love, you will be always updated the latest trends and looking for new learning opportunities. Staying informed on trends in your field area is important to help you build credibility, competitiveness, value and to show that you have the acquire knowledge where your field is heading in the future. To be successful, one needs to spend time every day keeping up with the latest developments in their field area.  Thereby, by doing a job that you adore, you will be updated with the latest trends, therefore, that make you more efficient, competitive and even end up being successful.

Better health

Well, enjoy your job, it turns out that it’s also very beneficial for your health. Studies have shown that for many people, it has a tremendous effect on their whole life. In fact, we spent about 40 hours a week working. So, spending these hours on something that you have pleasure for, that makes your mental and psychological state much healthier. Even it was shown that people who have a nice time in their workplace have better sex lives and relationships with others. The bottom line is that you have to choose something that you love, as it is a matter of your health.  Forget depression, stress and anxiety. Forget lying awake, either staring at the ceiling on the nightstands as visions of your next day tasks or overthinking and frustrating about your boss’ action. Forget anything that makes you sad.

Why is it best for any organization to have employees that love their job?

Higher job productivity

High job productivity and high enjoyment often go hand-in-hand. High productivity has countless benefits on an organization, ranging from profitable effects to implications for worker morale. Furthermore, organizations with employees that have high job productivity have a lower rate of turnover, less firing and are more successful. And let’s not forget, every business owner is more likely to reward the one who is the most efficient. Trust me, everybody likes to know that will be the first one that will get an advancement in their career. The conclusion is that by doing a job you love, this is perfect, both for you and your company.
Inspiring young professionals to do what they love
brand ambassadors are inspiring professioanls

You will become a brand ambasador

Every employee should be brand ambassadors. A brand ambassador is an individual that convey and promote the value of a service or the product of the company that is working with. To become a brand ambassador, a worker needs to have the desire to begin adopting the role, hence, you need to love your job. To put this another way, every customer is more confident about working with an organization when an employee is happy and proud to be part of this organization. Hence, having an employee that is a brand ambassador, is something that all business owners would love to have. The bottom line is that each employee is meant to embody and promote corporate identity.

Start taking actions, and follow your dreams!

All of this means, that if you don’t like your job, start acting. Our suggestion is to either figure out if you can find something that you like in the current work situation, and try to focus on, or find another job where you can enjoy. And do not put other matters above what makes you happy, such as financial benefits, holiday allowance and more. To conclude, I will replicate once again, inspiring people: don’t waste your time on a job you hate.
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