Swimming for 28 days, 280 km for a good cause!

Julien Mevel is a 41-year-old man from France who has been living in Cyprus for 11 years. In 2022 he organized The Cyprus Swim Tour – Around Cyprus for Charities in order to help the charity Generation for Change CY (GFC) which focuses on supporting vulnerable families and individuals with food, clothing, hygiene items and other essentials. From April 2th to April 30th, Julien swam approximately 280 kilometers from Pomos to Finikoudes, to help the charity and highlight the beauty of Cyprus. We were curious about this extraordinary athlete and we had the wonderful opportunity to interview Julien Mevel and get to know him better. Mr Mevel answered our questions below about this huge event.

Julien Mevel swimming around Cyprus

What inspired Julien and why?

Julien got inspired by his own experience against discrimination and seeing others fight too, fueled his inner fighting spirit to help others in need. In our interview with the Frenchman, he said and we quote, “I was confronted with misery and poverty when I went to China. Also I am a dreamer, I wanted to do something big, but at my level ” end quote. When we asked him why he swam around Cyprus and not another country he said that Cyprus ” is the country that adopted him “.

How tough was it mentally?

Julien Mevel: “Through all my years in sports I have become more than familiar with the feelings of pain, suffering, doubt and fear. I have learnt that you have to embrace these feelings and fight along them and also use them as motivation. A must to know is that you need to learn to enjoy the suffering in whatever you do. I know it sounds crazy but once you enjoy it, it will truly make you push yourself to new heights. This challenge, even though it challenged me every second, it felt great to achieve it in the end ” said the courageous swimmer.  

Julien Mevel at the finish line

What was your biggest fear?

Julien Mevel: “To answer your question, there were, I would say, two, three moments that were difficult for me. The first one was in Akamas, because when you pass a cape, everything changes, the current, the wind, the swirl, every little detail can make a big difference. There were still 10 or 12 kilometers to go and I started to doubt myself. The second time was the cape in Paphos. I was so tired, and the wind at some point was completely  against me. But, the biggest fear I had was around Akrotiri cape. I was notified by the British bases that I couldn’t put my foot on the base because they were doing military exercises. But knowing that I could not step foot on shore, made me once again doubt myself, fear came flooding in and this whole challenge seemed impossible”.

Julien Mevel challenged by the Mediterranean Sea

Any advice for young people Julien?

Julien Mevel: “My advice would be very simple, yet very helpful for youngsters out there. Be adventurous, courageous and try many things. Find what make you happy and do just that. Enjoy life at its fullest and have fun. And also try out different things. Remember, failure is part of the process. There will be many times when life will beat you down and make you fall, but you have to get back up and continue doing what you are doing”.

Julien what would you like people to remember about you?

Firstly I would like people to remember that I did what in my calibre seemed challenging but for other people impossible. I would want people to remember that you can do anything you put your mind to, regardless of what other people are saying, and if anyone ever doubts themselves, take me as an example.

The way Julien Mevel slept during his challenge

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