Teodora Gencheva TLWA Member

Author of Published Meditations.

Author of 'The Icon' Program - Revolutionary Method to release overweight

Teodora’s mission is to empower and support leaders in recognizing, awakening, and activating their inner power to create a life filled with wellbeing, abundance, prosperity, and success. With a unique blend of strategic insight and a profound connection to intuition and the collective consciousness, she guides leaders to tap into their higher selves, unlocking a wellspring of insights and wisdom, and effortlessly achieving tangible business results.

Teodora is an Executive & Leadership Coach certified by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), recognized by Forbes Health as one of the top five Best Life Coach Certification Programs of 2023. She is also a proud member of the ICF Cyprus Chapter. 

Teodora Gencheva TLWA Member

Teodora is passionately committed to supporting and empowering leaders to optimize their potential, driving powerful and sustainable outcomes for their organizations, including team members and stakeholders. Her coaching approach leverages intuition and collective consciousness, facilitating extraordinary success for both herself and her clients.

As a highly seasoned and certified yoga and meditation teacher, Teodora is renowned for her pioneering yoga-art classes. These innovative sessions are thoughtfully crafted not only to enhance self-awareness but also to foster profound personal growth. Through her unique approach to yoga, Teodora facilitates an enduring mind-body-soul connection, leading her students on a transformative journey toward holistic wellness.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Teodora thrives in nature, embracing the beauty of divine creation. She attributes her daily rituals of gratitude and meditation as her most powerful sources of inspiration, while yoga and the wisdom found in books hold a cherished place in her heart. Teodora is also a devoted mother to a beautiful daughter, believing that the best way to guide and inspire her child is by being a living example. She values quality time alone, with family, and with friends.

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