The Life Winners aims to help young professionals develop and showcase their skills to foster productivity, diversity and team cohesion in the workplace and become one of the top professionals in Cyprus!

Skilled young professionals are key to supporting growth and bolstering regional economics. We are looking for top professionals in Cyprus (that are exceptionally talented with a variety of achievements, and those whose attitudes and values remain remarkable under all circumstances) to become role models for the new generation. Eventually, through our interviews, we aim to bring up perspectives and life stories that teach something new and will motivate you to keep going.

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What do we consider inspiring top professionals in Cyprus?

High emotional intelligence

Developing your EQ skills is essential to young professional success today. High self-awareness, constantly challenging your emotions, understanding others’ emotions, and learning how to motivate yourself are some of things that a life winner should have.

Inspiring young professionals to do what they love

Lifelong learners

Being a lifelong learner is something that we always encourage and promote. Life learning enhances personal development, active citizenship, competitiveness and employability. Therefore, it is essential for us for a young professional to be aware of the importance of an ongoing, self-motivated pursuit of knowledge in his/her subject field.

High communication skills

Communication skills are not just being able to speak and write. Communication is the key to understanding and enhancing the strategic acts in an organisation, both internally and externally. Therefore, we consider these skills essential for someone to be considered an inspiring individual.

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Integrity & Personality

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For us, a life winner must act based on strong moral principles and have qualities that distinguish him/her from any other young professional. We strongly believe that individuals should cultivate personal integrity, to be utterly transparent and completely accountable.


Are you one of the top professionals in Cyprus?

What are the two main challenges that young professionals face?

No Networking

As a young professional, your network most likely is smaller compared to professionals who has been in the workforce for years. Although networking can be a daunting task for any young professional it is essential for young professionals to meet individuals that will help them drive their career forward.

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Academic Vs Professional practicality

practical knowledge vs academic

Having a university degree doesn’t mean that you are ready to work straight away. The material covered at university is usually purely academic and things in practice are different. It is a big challenge and it is essential for today’s workplace to make the transition from academic theory to practice.

What does The Life Winners offer to young talented professionals?

Networking opportunities

We created The Life Winners Club to support young professionals as they build, develop and acquire essential professional skills and knowledge to deal with today’s multi-disciplinary business environment. 


Through our interviews, we aim to create an opportunity to expand your networking, increase your visibility in the online world and promote how talented you are.


We give you the opportunity to write blog articles to showcase your expertise and build your personal brand. Our platform has thousands of readers. 

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